is there a program to download, that allows you to split the voice from the music?? does audacity hae this function?? if so, can u tell me how to access it

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2 Responses to audio editor program to split voice and music?

  • John V says:

    You can download "vocal removers" and such but they are not perfect. There still will be a trace left behind or more. Otherwise, it is like trying to take the flour out of a baked cake.
    The removers do NOT completely remove and they do NOT save the vocal track. Just the music. Like a poor grade Karaoke.

  • Shayna says:

    yes audacity does have the feature to split vocals from instrumental but i have found that the audio of the instrumentals is really crappy once you take the vocals out, but if you want to try you can go to this website and check it out it is fairly easy

    srry link want working maybe this one will work

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