NEW SAMPLE PACK IS OUT!!! FOR 6,5 thousands VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dj jump with more samples packs xD classifix mix of samples headhunterz mini sample pack and finaly vipzone samples packs thanks for watching now start produce music and dont forget to rate comment and subscribe check my other video for more samples

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25 Responses to fl studio hardstyle samples packs free download

  • dadobi2 says:

    @95counter thanks mate:D whatch my newest sample pack;D theres a link in the video;D and what do you recommend for my 4th sample pack:D? and btw good luck creating a song;)

  • 95counter says:


  • dadobi2 says:

    @brunnik123 when you download it press on the save button then save it under c/programs/image line/fl studio/data/patches/sliced beats and there you got it! you can also create other folders like downloadet samples/hardstyle it will still be in your fl studio! and then its in the left sample bar thing dont know what its called xD

  • brunnik123 says:

    howv can you install it in fl studo??

  • dadobi2 says:

    @Matz91 your welcome and thanks for the support and there is a new sample pack out;)

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