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ya the basics of how to get a “wub wub” bass going in fruity. I show ya my own personal technique about how to accomplish this! Started listening to ALOT of dubstep recently ya see, its a nice tequila shot drinkin type of music haha! so i thought fuck it not many people understand the concept of teh wub wub or how to pull it off i might aswell shwo them so yes this is it Enjoy Subscribe!! Kev x My videos are also donation ware so please donate something if you have found this video to be helpful/educational. Listen to me: Follow Me:

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25 Responses to FL STUDIO TUTORIAL: How to make a dubstep “wub wub” bass in FL Studio

  • alkharana says:

    I get a problem yeah, you know when i go to piano roll the other beats like kick and clap only repeat themselves just once until the whole of the ”wub wub” is finished how do i make it repeat itself without that the ”wub wub” finishes (long story short: i want the other beats to repeat themselves ever 1 second) how do i do this?

  • hicooper123 says:

    @lilgioal I found a way :D. In the top left hand corner of the box where u choose beats per bar, you need to click the little yellow box next to it to make it keep repeating. THUMBS UP so people can see :)

  • DJcapdabblerz says:

    uhhh its not applying the things i did to the bass line i made did i forget to do somethin?

  • dudemanguyperson42 says:

    @RxVeRxWiiNd I’d make you one, but I need some sorta screen recorder, if you can hit me up with a good little screen recorder THATS NOT HYPERCAM, then I’d be fine to do it, and I can show some more effects and wobble techniques.

  • RxVeRxWiiNd says:

    isnt there anyone else that makes dubstep tutorials? im sick of this kids accent and he just confuses the fuck out of me

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