I’m wanting to start doing music production and i’m best using loops so i was gonna get a production software that offers top notch quality over loops. i’m on a moderate budget so no ridiculously expensive software like over 0. also i’m using a windows XP. It’s not a laptop either. i’ll eventually get a laptop when i have money to spare but it wont be anytime soon.

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3 Responses to for loop based music production what's the best software to use?

  • Brian C says:

    The best software I’ve used for music production & such is Adobe Audition v.1.5…. The new Adobe software is out (v2.0) and builds on the earlier version. The cool thing about it is that you can manage up to 96 tracks of music/voice. It is avail. at CDW on the net, priced around $400

  • creep_acoustic says:

    i do loop based music on my windows computer and i currently use ableton live 5 and reason 3.

    ableton live 5 is specifically designed for loop based musicians, has a very easy and user friendly interface yet very professional indeed. used by many professional djs all around the world and loop based musicians..check their website @ http://www.ableton.com
    go to community>videos to find videos of ppl using the program.
    other than a loop program live is also a fully functional sequencer, on a par with some pro sequencers out there.
    it supports VST plugins and soft synths, can record audio from your guitars, bass, mics etc..great stuff.great for live and great for producing.
    if you wanna use samples,ableton has its own sampling program called "simpler"..you can import anything ranging from wav files to even mp3 files and use it as a loop.you can modify the sounds further also in the program.go to their website to download the free demo.

    reason is a program like ableton but u cant record audio.u can only use soft synths that comes with the software (excellent stuff, based on the real hardware syths). if you want to slice and dice and get really involved in the sounds, reason is great for you.reason comes with loads of synths for you to experiment with sounds.all u need is a midi controller like novation remote SLs, korg microkontrol etc.

    having both is a great thing,because u can record the sounds in reason and the import things to ableton live 5, and then process it from there.

    As for recording audio (guitars, mics) in your sequencer u’ll need an audio interface. look for something with firewire connection as it is far better than USB.

    i dont know how much experience and knowledge you have on computer music,but if you’re a noob u definitely need to go to http://www.tweakheadz.com/guide
    learn everything you need to know on how to start producing music on your own and build your own digital audio workstation.
    great stuff, even if you think youre a pro on the subject youll definitely fine new things to learn there.

    hope this helps.

  • KRU says:

    What I use is Fl Studio 6 and Reason 3 along with Adobe audition and Sonar 4. The program used by most people that want to start loop-based music production would be Fl Studio. Theres a free trial at http://www.flstudio.com or you can buy the introductory level for 50 dollars and 100 dollars, but there’s the producer edtions ranging from 150 dollars to 500 dollars at that website. I suggest the trial, because you can do everything, including makin the file an mp3 or wav, but you can’t save the actual project file. Hope this info helps!

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