Alright i’m currently trying to fill my dream of being a techno producer so I need information on music making software. Does anyone know a software that is realitively cheap, easy to use, and if possible can be created directly from a keyboard


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5 Responses to What is a good music making software for techno/trance music?

  • Tom Jackson says:

    Hi if your looking to notate music then i would definately go with Sibelius 6 Student, or if your in education you can get Sibelius 6 Education at a discounted price or if all else fails then you can get Sibelius Professional.
    Cubase is a good way to go if you were after music creation software for more synthised music.

    I hope this has helped!

  • musicproducer says:

    Good question. I recommend a program called FL Studio. It is one of the top music making programs and it is not too expensive. It is excellent for trance and you can connect a midi keyboard to it to play live with the program.

    You can download the demo from their site to try it out:

    If you like the demo and want to buy the full version, here is a promotional link to give you a 10% discount on the software:

    It comes in a few different versions. The Producer Edition has all the features. It is $179 with the discount. If you don’t want to spend that much, you can get the Fruity Edition which is $89, but it does not have all the features. Both versions come with free lifetime updates.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your music!

  • audioloops says:

    If you are on Windows, check out FL Studio.
    The Signature Bundle also includes the Sytrus synth which is great for techno/trance music, but you can also get the Producer Edition and use some of the many free VST synthesizer instruments out there. Like Togu Audio Line’s plug-ins, GTG Synths, Angular Momentum, and many many more.

    Of course you could also get some additional commercial plug-ins like reFX’s Nexus, but if you are trying to keep it cheap you can do with just FL Studio Producer Edition and free VSTs and samples.

    In case you end up getting FL Studio, you can get 10% discount on your first order from image-line with this promo link for new customers:

    There are many other options you can try as well:

    Good luck!

  • Austin says:

    Abel ton, Garage Band, LOGIC STUDIO

    Logic Studio can be purchased for a student discount for only 149.99, from 500! This is the way to go! if you want to make it right, get logic.

  • Your Guide says:

    FL Studio is a good software to start with and it has improved a lot in the recent years…

    But have a look at propellerheads Reason software too. It looks daunting initially but is capable of lot more…

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